Star Citizen provides a detailed look at the systems that will power AI, dynamic events, and the economy

The technological aspect of Star Citizen has been a major influence on the development of AI games over the years. By applying a few of the technologies used in the game to AI games, we can create a lot of interesting features and systems. As the AI system is one of the most prominent and essential in the game, I thought it would be a good idea to write an introductory post to the topic.

The game-with technology blog has become known for bringing the latest in gaming technology and gaming news.  And in this article we will be taking a detailed look at the systems that will power AI, dynamic events, and the economy of Star Citizen .

Star Citizen is the biggest crowdfunded project in history, and is, arguably, the most anticipated game to be released in 2017. In fact, it is set to be the most ambitious virtual world ever built, and has the potential to redefine the way we play games. Star Citizen is a spaceflight simulation game in which players earn credits to buy the spacecraft they play in the universe, as well as upgrade their ships. The game will be free to play, and will feature player-driven missions and the first-person shooter (FPS) combat that will be detailed in the Squadron 42 module.

word-image-10815 Fans of Star Citizen have been given a lot of information in the form of a recent video from Persistent Universe director Tony Zurovets, who talks about the game’s quantum background simulation, the Quasar event system, and various NPC AI issues. For those who missed the previous discussions of the quantum system, know that it effectively controls general game economy and NPC movement. NPCs known as Quants have traits and personalities that fall on the scale of morality and aggression, which in turn determines their behavior and perception of possibilities. For example, a hacker who looks like a Quant will have low morale and high aggression, while a security guard, a Quant, will have high aggression and high morale. There are plans to add more features to this measure in the future. Zurovets provided details on the direction Quantum has taken, noting that the system’s move to C# has increased performance by two orders of magnitude. He gave an overview of a graphical system that gives developers an overview of product nodes and economic activity, demonstrated a heatmap system that allows developers to see where PvP is happening and deploy security forces when it happens in a place that should be safe, and introduced tools that allow developers to see which According to Zurowiec, Quantum is fairly well integrated into the backend architecture of Star Citizen and will be built and shipped with all future versions of the game. More work needs to be done and tested. Quantum’s development will be incremental, starting with the analysis of fuel and repair equipment and the ability to track the movements of pirates, cargo ships and security forces. Zurovets also provided details about the virtual AI systems under development, explaining how they work in different logic states and demonstrating their behavior. He also gave a step-by-step demonstration of Quasar, a system that allows developers to launch dynamic events in a game with different parameters. All of these systems create the dynamic and interesting world for players that Zurovets hopes for. These highlights are just the tip of an extremely dense iceberg, as the video contains 40 minutes of highly informative and extremely detailed presentation, which you can read below.

. Longtime MMORPG fans know that the game Star Citizen originally launched on Kickstarter in 2012 with over $2 million, with a planned launch in 2014. As of 2021, the game is still in its unfinished but playable alpha phase, and has raised about $350 million from players over the years through ongoing crowdfunding and the sale of ships and other game assets. It is currently the best funded video game in history and has endured both the tireless dedication of its proponents and the enormous skepticism of its detractors. The jointly developed single player game Squadron 42has also been delayed several times. ViewOne of the most exciting news coming out of CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) is the upcoming release of Star Citizen. The crowd-funded game has garnered a lot of interest, with many gamers calling it the next big thing for gaming.. Read more about star citizen avoid pvp and let us know what you think.

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