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The lists below have been created with the intention of decreasing the amount of time I spend searching for items in my inventory within the MM2 game. To do this, I have created a table for each category in my inventory that I will continually update with the items I find. The lower the value, the less time I spend looking for that specific item.

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We have prepared this article so that you know the list of MM2 values. We have complete information about this, you can easily explore the complete information on MM2 Value List.

List of valuesMM2

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MM2 RobloxList of values

Boxes and buttons

  • A box of gold papers: Value: 525 (trade)
  • The key to the skeleton: Value: 1 (trade)
  • Secret keys: Value: 1 (shopping and trading)
  • A box with a ferrite: Value: 165 (trade)
  • Gifts for Christmas: Value: 2 (trade)
  • Ultra Wrap Box : Value: 475 (trade)
  • A box of red papers: Value: 250 (trade)
  • Boxes of green paper: Value: 200 (exchange)
  • The Snowflake Key: Value: 1 (trade)
  • Boxes of purple paper: Cost – 400 (exchange)
  • A box of blue papers: Cost – 300 (exchange)

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Pet values good to bad

  • <3 : Cost – 330 (trading)
  • A feisty cat: Cost – 40 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Firebear: Cost – 45 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Spooky: Value – 20 (exchange)
  • Blue pumpkin: Cost – 6 (exchange)
  • Stimberd: Cost – 300 (exchange)
  • Phoenix Fairy – 290 (trade)
  • Purple pumpkin: Cost – 7 (exchange)
  • Ice cream: Value – 10 (purchase and exchange)
  • Sammy: Cost – 270 (trading)
  • Electro: Cost – 260 (trading)
  • Death speaker: Value – 100 (Dierenhoek 1)
  • Frosted Bird: Cost price – 75 (trade)
  • Firebat: Cost – 45 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • The eye of the Lord: Value – 5 (purchase and exchange)
  • FireFox : Cost – 45 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Fire pig: Cost – 45 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Fire rabbit: Cost – 40 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Skelly: Cost – 18 (purchase and exchange)
  • Fire Dog: Cost – 40 (hatch is also negotiable)
  • Ice Phoenix: Cost – 35 (purchase and exchange)
  • Traveler: Cost – 25 (exchange)

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Rare MM2 List of values <1

  • Ghosts: Cost: 4x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Magma: Cost: 3x T1 Rare (Exchange)
  • Bones: Cost: 1x T1 Legend (unpack and swap)
  • Gingerbread: Price : 4x T1 Rare (Trade)
  • Fused (gun) : Cost: 1x Legend T1 (Craft and Trade)
  • Sample: Cost: 2x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Moisture : Cost: 1x Legend T1 (Craft and Trade)
  • Toxic knife: Price : 4x T1 Rare (Trade)
  • Lowlands: Cost: 1x Legend T1 (Craft and Trade)
  • Vampire Weapon: Price : 4x T1 Rare (Trade)
  • Portal: Value – 1x T1 Legend (without box and without exchange)
  • Aurora’s knife: Costs – 2x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Candy gun: Costs – 2x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Snakebite knife: Costs – 2x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Spitfire: Value – 1x Legend T1 (Craft and Trade)
  • Joined (knife): Value – 1x Legend T1 (Craft and Trade)
  • Snowy: Value – 4x T1 Rare (exchange)


  • Fleece: Value – 1x T1 Legend (Mystery Case)
  • Blue Elite : Cost – 4 (exchange)
  • JD: Value – 230 (trade)
  • Web : Cost – 150 (exchange)
  • Midnight: Value – 4x T1 Legend (Craft & Trade)
  • Gap: Cost – 150 (exchange)
  • Predator (knife): Value – 4x T1 Legend (Craft & Trade)
  • Ginger knife: Value – 3x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Emerald: Value – 4x T1 Legend (Craft & Trade)
  • Ripper knife: Value – 1 (system at event level)
  • Green Elite: Value – 130 (trade)
  • Tree (trunk) : Costs – 110 (trade)
  • Skulls: Value – 4x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Wood (knife) : Costs – 110 (trade)
  • Cotton candy: Costs – 55 (trade)
  • Scratch: Cost price – 16 (trade)
  • Brilliant: Value – 4x T1 Legend (Craft & Trade)
  • A spirit knife: Value – 12 (exchange)
  • The Ginger Gun: Costs – 9 (trading)
  • Ripper pistol: Value – 4x T1 Legend (exchange)
  • Red light: Cost – 7 (exchange)
  • Blue Claw: Cost – 6 (exchange)
  • Supervisor (weapons) : Value – 4x T1 Legend (Craft & Trade)
  • Green light: Value – 3 (exchange)
  • Ghost gun: Costs – 2 (exchange)
  • Caveman’s knife: Costs – 2 (exchange)
  • Warlock: Value – 1 (exchange)
  • The magic of Santa Claus: Value – 1 (exchange)

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God values <100

  • Flame: Cost price – 90 (trade)
  • Prismatic: Cost – 15 (purchase and exchange)
  • Christmas: Cost – 85 (trading)
  • Vampire Land: Cost – 20 (purchase and exchange)
  • Luger: Value – 80 (unpacking and exchange)
  • It’s hot: Value – 60 (open box and exchange)
  • Purple Visionary: Value – 25 (crafts and trade)
  • Red light: Value – 25 (crafts and trade)
  • Tides: Value – 60 (open box and exchange)
  • Laser: Value – 40 (open box and exchange)
  • Pumpkin: Costs – 55 (trade)
  • Slasher: Value – 45 (unpacking and exchange)
  • The Ice Dragon: Cost price – 45 (trade)
  • Saw: Value – 40 (open box and exchange)
  • Bioblade: Cost – 20 (purchase and exchange)
  • A jewel: Value – 30 (mystery box)
  • Catch: Value – 40 (open box and exchange)
  • Winter’s edge: Value – 40 (open box and exchange)
  • BattleAxe: Cost – 40 (exchange)
  • Hi: Value – 35 (unpacking and exchange)
  • A burst of death: Value – 35 (unpacking and exchange)
  • Frost Sword: Cost price – 30 (trade)
  • Ginger Blade: Cost price – 30 (trade)
  • The Yellow Enchanter: Value – 25 (crafts and trade)
  • Blue Seer: Value – 25 (crafts and trade)
  • Freeze: Cost – 20 (exchange)
  • Orange visionary: Value – 25 (crafts and trade)
  • Snowflake: Cost – 25 (exchange)
  • A shard of ice: Cost – 25 (purchase and exchange)
  • Night Blade: Cost – 25 (purchase and exchange)
  • The Halloween Blade: Cost – 25 (exchange)
  • Ghostblade: Value – 20 (exchange)


This was the complete guide to MM2 Value List Roblox. We would now like to conclude this article with the hope that you have received complete information on this topic. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We are happy to answer your questions about the MM2 value list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the values in MM2?

As the rarest set of cards in Magic: the Gathering (MTG), “Unlimited” edition cards are frequently touted as the best of the best when it comes to the collectible card game. What makes them so special? First released in 1995, Unlimited edition cards are distinguished by a white border, rather than the black borders that are found on other MTG cards. They have no expansion symbol (the tilde symbol found in the upper left corner of black-bordered cards), and they feature the word “Unlimited” in the lower right corner rather than the expansion name. Wonder what the values are in MM2? The game is hosted at Wix, and it’s completely free to play. This blog is an MM2 value list supreme ! It has all the information you need to get started with the game. There are many ways to play the game, but the first step is to read our blog and follow along. You should use the web address in your browser because the blog is optimized to be viewed on the web.

What is the rarest weapon in MM2?

The weapons are the most important element in any multiplayer game. If you get a good weapon, you will win the game. If you get a bad weapon, you won’t win the game, no matter your skill. This is why many players pay a lot of money in game items. They want to get the best weapons in the game, to have a better chance to win. But how much is a good weapon in a game Actually, its price depends on many factors. Some players are willing to pay a lot of money to get a good weapon, and some will just sell their weapons to get some extra money. So, what is the rarest weapon in the game? The Gorgon is the rarest weapon in the game. The weapon is set aside at a rate of 1 in 1,000.

What is the value of Heartblade in MM2?

Heartblade is a strong carry item because it allows you to sustain in the mid game while building towards your next big item. It is the best mid game item for carries because it gives you a powerful on attack heal. If you are playing an agility carry, this is a build up towards Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse, which lets you dominate the game. Heartblade is a sword located in the center of the jungle, and is one of the most sought after items in the game. This is because it has a unique passive called “Blood for Blood”, which adds a chance to critical strike. The chance to critical strike is increased the more damage the player takes, and the higher the level, the higher the chance for the critical strike. This means that Heartblade is the most useful in the late game, when the enemy team is at its strongest, and the player’s champion is at its weakest.

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