How To Hold Mouse For Playing Games? – Simple Guide In 2022

How To Hold Mouse For Playing Games?

Do you know how to hold mouse for playing games? If not, don’t worry, this guide will help you with it.

Many people are fond of playing games online and they are fond of playing in multiplayer mode as well. But most of the time they are not able to hold their mouse properly and they will experience discomfort while playing the game.

If you are a gamer and if you want to play any multiplayer game, then you will have to be careful about the mouse as it is your main tool to play the game. If you are using the mouse in the wrong way then it can cause serious injuries.

So, here we are going to talk about “How to Hold Mouse for Playing Games?” in detail.

Fingertip Grip 

Unlike the palm grip method, this method uses only your fingertips to control the buttons. This type of method delivers quicker and more efficient results when it comes to games with quick motions.

This method is used by pro-gamers throughout their gaming sessions. It is a rare method that gaming players use and works best for games requiring offensive elements such as shooting. It is designed to facilitate ease of motion by allowing the player to control several buttons according to their movements.

The rapid-fire motions of the switches might be hard for a new player to get used to. People who used this method did so well because of their muscle memory. A pro-gamer does this like breathing at will.

The palm grip method may take some time to get used to for those who have already polished the method. Considering the flat surface of the mouse compared to a palm grip type, it could get uncomfortable on your first few rounds.

The Palm Grip 

The whole palm of your hand is used to cover the whole mouse. If you want to control buttons at will, your fingers should be positioned in a way that is comfortable for you. During nail-biting situations where agility is required, this gives your fingers the flexibility to freely click buttons.

The palm grip is the most common mouse grip used by gaming players. It is convenient and doesn’t require much attention as to positioning. If you use this method, you will get to play longer hours and you will fully concentrate on the game at hand.

This method has its positives but also has its negatives. Using this method alone isn’t enough to boost accuracy and swiftness, two results come from using the claw grip. If you use a fingertip grip, you won’t be able to react as quickly as you can with your fingers.

Claw Grip 

The claw grip is similar to a claw is holding a mouse, according to the name. As you take control of the buttons, your fingers are placed in an arched position. The middle and index fingers are the ones used to click the mouse buttons. Some people use index-ring finger combinations. All in all, the combinations deliver the same result.

If you have longer fingers or bigger palms, using the claw grip will help smooth out any inconsistencies in your gaming performance. With fewer constraints in the other 3 fingers, users might feel more flexibility. If you have other buttons on your mouse, you may be able to use the claw grip to click them. With this method, your wrist is relaxed as well.

Why Are We Holding The Mouse Like This?

How To Hold Mouse For Playing Games?

As the mouse is your main tool for playing any game, you need to use it properly. If you hold the mouse in the wrong way, then it will give you a lot of problems. You may be able to play a game for a long time but your finger will get tired and you will face a lot of health issues.

This is why we are suggesting that you should properly hold your mouse. Here are some reasons for holding the mouse like this:

You Are Holding It Properly

If you are holding the mouse properly, then you will not experience any discomfort while playing the game. It means that you are holding the mouse correctly. So, you will be able to play the game for a longer time and you won’t get tired at all.

You Are Playing With A Friend

If you are playing with a friend or a group of friends, then you must be holding the mouse properly. If you are holding the mouse incorrectly then it can cause injuries to your friends as well. You need to hold the mouse properly so that your friends can play with you without any problems.

You Are Holding The Mouse In An Incorrect Way

Most people incorrectly hold their mice. They will hold it in such a way that they will face problems while playing the game. For example, if you are holding the mouse like this, then you will face difficulty while using it. So, if you are not holding the mouse correctly, then it will be difficult for you to play the game for a longer time.

So, these were some reasons for which you should hold the mouse properly. I hope you liked this post and you will follow these tips to hold your mouse properly.


The different grips have their take on agility, convenience, and Functionality. It might be easier to go for whatever works for you, but if you want to become a pro video game player, that may not be the case. 

The rookies are confused about what kind of gripping method they should use. It is a good idea to start with your hands first. Several factors come into play when choosing the appropriate gripping method.

If there is a deviation, it can result in strain on your fingers, numbness of your wrists, and even physical injuries due to inappropriate hand or finger placement. If you get a lot of wrist pain after playing for a long time, it’s a good idea to switch to a palm grip. 

You should go for claw grip if you are playing a type of video game. Fingertip grip will work best for those with longer fingers.

Do we hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know “How To Hold Mouse For Playing Games”? 

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