Black Desert PC celebrates World Milk Day and adds a new outfit and pet, mobile introduces the Sura class

It’s World Milk Day, and Black Desert is celebrating by bringing in a new outfit and a pet. On April 1, Black Desert Mobile introduced a new minilab in the game, and on April 2, PC players can get a new outfit and pet.

Black Desert is celebrating World Milk Day today (10th November), due to it’s dairy based heritage. This year, the game’s developers have added a new outfit to the game as well as two new pets. In addition to this, Black Desert is celebrating the addition of its first female character class, the new Sura. The Sura is a new solo class.

word-image-11394 As World Milk Day approaches, milk production in the Black Desert world has reportedly increased dramatically. So let’s celebrate this special occasion with a trip to the dairy farm! That’s what Pearl Abyss says in the latest event added to the PC version of the game. It encourages players to milk cows in a mini-game and place a special, nutritious bale of hay that will produce more milk. Of course, milking cows is not the only thing that happens in Black Desert for PC . This week’s update also includes a new outfit that can be obtained by collecting items in the Nuvera Bloodstorm. This new outfit not only looks great, but also allows players to complete the quest to summon the little maid Nuvera. Additionally, the PC version has received a full class balance patch, so players will want to browse through their favorite classes and read up on what has changed. Meanwhile, the Black Desert Mobilegame introduces the katana-wielding Sura class, as well as the ability to send your family characters to the kingdom of Haduma, a new final boss in Node and Siege War, and some changes to content unlocks. For those not familiar with Sura, a gameplay trailer is available below.

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