How we work, it's very simple:

1. Create an account using your email or connect to your Facebook; if you've already done that, just login.

2. Using the search box find the game you are looking to play, alternatively navigate to the platform the title is on and find it from the list of games. If you can't find the game your looking for, drop us a mail here and we'll have it added right away and let you know when it's available.

3. Click Create Session and enter your parameters that best suit. You will need to specify your game platform, region and describe the experience you want. Don't forget to add some extra info in the details box, it'll make sure you're all on the same page.

4. Wait for people to find your game session and join you.

5. As the host you will then need to add the other players using their GamerTag, PSN ID, etc..

6. Enjoy gaming your way!

Alternatively: find a session that has already been created for the game you'd like to play. Make sure the parameters match the way you want to play, and if it does, hit the join button.

The host of the session will then add you, so keep an eye on your friend requests on your Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. "Why are the times different for me and my international gaming buddies?"

    In order to show everyone the correct time in their region and prevent people from missing game sessions, we convert the time of each session to the local time of the user.

    For example: Luke is based in London but he wants to play with his sister, Leia, in Paris. Luke sets his session up for 9am London time. Without doing the conversion, Leia will log on at 9am Paris time, and have to wait an hour for Luke to come online because 9am Paris time is only 8am London time. By which time Han has swept in and stolen Luke's game with Leia.

  2. "Does Game With automatically create the party on my console?"

    The short answer is: No, it is down to the session manager to add the players to their friends lists and create the game session on PSN, Xbox Live etc.

    The longer answer is: No, PSN and XBL don't have open API's for that. Until Sony, Microsoft and the various studios allow us to send data to their games and matchmaking systems, we aren't able to actually create the sessions.

  3. "Can I kick players from a session?"

    Yes! If you are the manager of the session you can view the session's details (click on it in your list) and use the "Manage Players" section on the bottom left.

    If the session isn't yours, you'll have to ask the session manager to do it, if they agree with your reasons.

  4. "I only want to allow my Game With friends to join my session, how do I do that?"

    You can create Friends Only sessions from the session creation screen.

    A Friends Only session allows people you're connected to to auto-join your session, but other people need to request permission to join. To manage these session requests, simply view the session details screen and manage the requests on the bottom right.

  5. "Is there a mobile app?"

    We haven't had time to create it yet! All the building blocks are in place to create and launch our iOS and Android applications, but the code still remains to be written. Until then, the main application should scale down on your mobile and be just as usable.

  6. "What does Share Play mean on some PS4 games?"

    Share Play games allow you to play online with friends, even if they haven't bought the game. PS4 titles that support Share Play will be indicated with "Share Play: Enabled" on their details page.